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December 17, 2016

How come you'll NEVER trust the "Best" WP security plug ins again
How EXPLOITS overcome the BEST WP security plugins...
Protect your WP sites resistant to the WORST intrusions in 2 clicks
So why TOP WP security jacks FAIL to protect you...
Watch this WP Internet site GET HACKED... in mere seconds
5 Top WP Secureness Plugins FAILED though WP Site Guardian Review!

Hi People...

If you knew which a bulletproof vest was only 8% effective against a bullet - would you let someone shoot you?

Well, unless you have big issues... I'm questioning the answer is amount..

So if you recognized that your WP site security is just 8% effective against common hacker hits - will you set your site reside in the most toxic hacking environment at any time.... the internet

The actuality is... that's precisely what 73 Million WP sites executing right now... that's like playing Russian roulette with site security.

Don't consider me... Watch this INTERNET SITE GET HACKED IN SECS:

This WP site was running the best WP security plugins + the more recent version of Wordpress & just 1 bad wordpress plugin

In reality... ALL 6 Top rated Security plugins & Cloudflare DID NOT BLOCK a simple comment make use of

Gowns just insane as 92% of sites are hacked by exploits...


WP Site Guardian is the 1st plugin to PROACTIVELY DEFEND against current & future exploit attacks... it has constructed in intrusion recognition & user behaviour monitoring.

So, if hackers kick off a common exploit - they will be booted & you'll get alerted immediately...

It's on start for 7 days only - it will then go to full price - not to be skipped!

Think Your Site is Safe? Think Again...
The subsequent Plugins, Services & Guidelines FAILED Our Tests
WordFence Plugin
All-In-One Security Wordpress tool
Better WP Security Wordpress tool
iThemes Security Plugin
Acunetix Plugin
Bulletproof Security Wordpress tool

Check Wp Site Guardian Wordpress plugin at:

Reverse Proxy
Storage space Firewall
WP Updates
Protect Hosting
Bottom Line is...
Your internet site is Wide Open Correct Now...
Massively Reduces The Risk Of Getting Hacked
By Current & LONG TERM Exploits
Auto Blocks Take advantage of Hack Attempts & Car Bans Hackers
WP Internet site Guardian is the very first pro-active anti-exploit plugin that monitors & blocks cyber criminals based upon behaviour.

When any suspicious activity is recognized the IP is instantly blocked & the hacker is banned. This helps prevent the exploit from performing & also shuts down all further hacking efforts.

By eliminating both take advantage of & the bad customer you massively reduce the likelihood of site getting hacked.

This can be the only wordpress plugin on industry that offers active prevention of current & future exploits as it looks at guests behaviour rather than the attack code.
Blocks Problems Even If You Include Vulnerable Plugins
New Technology Blocks Behaviour & E-mails You Hack Attempt Particulars
Beneath the thick know if your site is at risk - at present there is no way of getting notified of any risky plugins or updates your site may already using

With WP Site Guardian this is irrelevant as the wordpress tool focuses on hacker activity rather than the weakness

While your competition are caught up scratching their heads, striving to figure out what to do without their lists, you'll be having a laugh to the bank, since you aren't promoting without competition.
Faster Website - Fewer Security Plugins Needed
Very Low Resource Payload - Protects Against 92% of Problems
Massively reduce your processor & memory weight by eliminating resource starving security plugins you may not need anymore!

WP Site Mom or dad offers unparalleled prevention of exploits.

YES - likely to still have to have a reputable handled sponsor
YES - you should be using VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER or dedicated hosting
CERTAINLY - you should be updating plugins automatically
CERTAINLY - you should use anti-brute-force protection
on't Risk Your Business A Second For a longer time
Use The Top Anti Intrusion Technology Today...
... Tomorrow Really Could be Too Late
Defensively Drafted WP Plugin
Blocks XSS, SQL, Header & Index Expoits
Simple 2 Mouse click Setup
Auto-Blocks Attacks by User Behaviour
Get Fast Hacking Alerts
Compatible with WP 4. x
Functions With Key Page Constructor,
Membership, Security & Disparition Plugins / Solutions at here !

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